Curating Pondy Photo…

‘The Kitchen Sink’ brings together a selection of works by contemporary photographers who reflect on the human encounter and relationship with water. Nigel Shafran’s kitchen sink drama, the most ordinary of domestic and social settings, shares the gallery space with Mustafah Adduliaziz’s powerful images from eight countries that make a provocative comment on the global water crisis. Alec Soth’s poetic and seminal series, ‘Sleeping by the Mississippi’, explores the personal photographic journey along this iconic river. The palpable ecstasy clean water brings to the children at a centre for street kids in Kinshasa in Marcus Bleasdale’s joyful image and Simon Roberts’s graceful Victorian British piers also tell the story of this relationship. Images of poetry, pleasure, pain, power and destruction, both whimsical and serious will include fine art, documentary and photojournalism. The eclectic mix of works will, I hope, make us explore our own personal odyssey.